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Have you ever thought

  • I wish I had someone who would help me break free from things that constrain me? 
  • I don't know how to break free from the prison cage I find myself in?
  • How do i get rid of patterns that do not serve me?  


Experience Freedom from emotional pain, limiting beliefs, patterns that have stifled you and held you hostage  
and have a renewed purpose for living through the Abundant Life Restored Reinvent Your Life 3hour Session. 


On this session we will assist you to break free from emotional pain and wounding and we will take you through a systematic proven step by step process that will bring healing and freedom to the root issues that have held you hostage.

You will discover and experience the freedom of a liberated soul.


This session will bring healing to your soul and will remove the key blockages that have caged you from living the abundant life that you deserve.


In this session you will discover the "Why' to your existence. 


A transformational journey in pure relaxation with an affable, compassionate, highly-trained and experienced coach who honestly care about you stepping out to your next level.

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1-on 1 Re-Invent Your Life  Session

  • Identifies patterns that limit you
  • Unveils the root issue that have held you hostage.
  • Unmasks unhealthy belief patterns that sabotage you.  
  • Takes you through a surgical precision to uproot the issue that constrains you 
  • Unveils the patterns that don't serve you
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" I had always felt like i do not measure up. I felt like i had nothing significant to offer because of the way i was brought up. After my 1-on-1 session I feel like a brand new person. I have renewed hope and the freedom i feel now is difficult to put into words."


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"I was trapped in a cage of stress and fear. I felt constricted as a leader to step out in my purpose in life. Florence helped me see the lies I had believed and had constricted me. Today I am a free and I am now lead a vibrant ministry. Thank you Florence, for opening the prison cage for me."

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"I lacked confidence and i used to look down upon myself. The word i can think of to describe my experience after the ministry is life-changing.I now have confidence i had never know and enjoying freedom i had never experienced before because of this ministry.Thank you Florence for making this ministry available to us "

  • Experience emotional healing.

  • Experience the new YOU.

  • Live a life with no LIMITS.

  • Break free from limiting beliefs.  

  • Get rid of the self sabotage.

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Experience The Freedom of a Limitless Life!


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